Rose Personal Care Inc.
Reliable In Home Elderly & Disabled Services

Johnstown’s Most Reputable Personal Care Provider

As the area’s most reputable personal care provider, Rose Personal Care Inc. in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, offers Cambria County reliable in home personal assistance services for elderly and physically disabled individuals. Our clients know that their health and independence come first to us, so our attentive staff is specially trained to perform almost any service with care, efficiency, and dependability.

Personalized care and assistance at home should be available for any person who wants or requires it. Rose Personal Care is committed to providing those services at the highest level of quality possible, so call us today for inquiries, or to find out about state funding:


Rose Personal Care: Services You Can Trust

If you’re looking for professional care with a personal touch, Rose Personal Care is the ideal choice for you. Our clients’ trust is very important to us, so we keep it sacred and uphold our standards for every service we provide. Inviting someone into your life and your home and asking for assistance is an incredible feat, and trusting that he or she will provide those services to your satisfaction is equally as significant.

Our staff is fully trained to comply with all state regulations, including passing necessary criminal background checks, drug screening, child abuse clearances, health screening, CPR certification, and basic first aid.

At Rose Personal Care, we devote ourselves to earning and maintaining your trust by providing each and every client with prompt, caring, and reliable services every time.

Rose Personal Care Client Testimonials

“Rose Personal Care is my personal care agency. All of my attendants are very caring and go out of their way for all of us. They take their time and are always on time. They also have fun with us (the consumers) at the same time they are doing their jobs. I couldn’t think of any better agency than this one. They are truly the best and I enjoy working with all of them. I would certainly recommend that you choose Rose Personal Care as you will be very pleased with their fantastic service.”

– Andy Weaver

”Sherri and her staff at Rose Personal Care get my endorsement. I was presented with three personal care agencies to provide my needed personal care. I chose Rose Personal Care. A decision that from first introduction to Sherri and her staff left no doubt that I had made the right decision.

Sherri and her staff have a really unique ability to address and calm their clients’ fears and concerns in a supportive manner, without the client ever verbalizing their concerns. As a case manager, consumers often ask my opinion before making a decision; I have and will continue to recommend Rose Personal Care to anyone who has an opportunity to utilize Sherri and her staff. Kudos to Sherri and her staff on providing outstanding personal care with a personal touch.”

– Beverly Davis-Migliaccio,
Case Manager – Community Resource for Independent Living Service

“I feel Rose Personal Care is the best agency in the Johnstown area. Your staff is very confident in their abilities when it comes to taking care of their consumers. That is why I chose Rose Personal Care. Your agency is very reliable and dependable. I will recommend your agency to people. Your staff is one of the reasons why I have learned to advocate for myself much more than I used to.”

– Stephen Smith

“From the office staff to the ones that come to my home every day, I can count on them if I am not feeling well or if it’s a dreary day, to make me smile. When I call the office, they get on the phone and make me feel that I am more than a voice to them. The same goes for the ones that come to my home. They are full of sunshine even if it’s a rainy day: my day gets better with them. I have had them for six years and it is one of the best things I could have done for myself. So to all of you, thank you. You should all wear angel pins because you are angels. Thank you again for the hard work. Keep shining.”

– Wilma H.

“I’ve been getting services from Rose Personal Care for several years. What makes them stand out is that they are a small agency, which means that you are more than a case file. Rose Personal Care knows you individually and what you need to live an independent life. All of their employees go above and beyond to ensure that your daily needs are met so you can live the life that you want.”

– Jess G

“I have had Rose Personal Care since 2008 and am very satisfied with the attendants and their ability to do their jobs. They are very friendly and compassionate. They are able to assist me with my range of motion and accompany me to appointments. They are able to assist me with whatever I may require.”

– Chad L.